The Practice

I am a counsellor with an academic education in Psychology and more than 10 years of counselling experience. I provide valuable insight into my client’s mental, emotional, and physical needs. Consequently, I have a portfolio of extremely happy clients who now lead more satisfying lifestyles as a result of our working together.

Often people neglect their own needs either to satisfy the needs of others or as an indirect compensation for their own sense of lack. Too busy honouring commitments to family, friends, or work to have the time for change. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, they hit a wall, spending too much energy keeping up with an exhaustive lifestyle, that they simply breakdown.

I provide the time and space to explore essential, often neglected core needs. Through insightful discussion we break down behaviours that are ultimately no longer beneficial. Then, we initiate a change that is more beneficial, has more integrity, and is more conducive to a balanced lifestyle.

With the demands of today’s modern society, we rarely take the opportunity for time out and become stuck in a cycle, too busy to change an unfulfilling situation, too exhausted to carry on. I provide a bridge between a busy lifestyle and a need for change.