The sessions were amazing, much more than I was expecting and very rewarding. Clive was a great teacher and mentor and had a very gentle and sensitive approach which created a beautifully relaxed and friendly atmosphere right from the start.

Vasanti Pindoria

Clive immediately struck me as a sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent man with an intriguing perspective on healing.

Lisa Offringa

I highly recommend Clive, his approach really touched me, he is calm, sensitive, and insightful. Once you meet Clive and experience his teaching you will soon realise you have found a veritable goldmine.

Sabrina Marfario

Thanks for encouraging me to follow my truth on all levels.

Maree MacLean

I found Clive to be a gifted teacher with a strong sense of integrity and deep compassion for others. The knowledge I gained through Clive’s sessions was powerful, and the experience truly memorable. Don’t hesitate, Clive really is a wonderful teacher.

Marni McDonald