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I am a counsellor, specialising in online support. With a Bsc in Psychology and more than 10 years of counselling experience  I provide valuable insight into my client’s mental, emotional, & physical needs. Consequently, I have a growing portfolio of extremely happy clients who now lead more satisfying lifestyles as a result of our working together. 

All too often people neglect their own needs either to satisfy the needs of others or as an indirect compensation for their own sense of lack. Then, too busy honouring commitments to family, friends, or work, they have little time for change.  As a result, mentally, emotionally, and physically, they simply breakdown from trying to keep up with an exhaustive lifestyle. 

I provide the time and space to explore essential, often neglected core needs. Through insightful discussion we break down behaviours that are ultimately no longer beneficial. Then, we initiate a change that is more beneficial, has more integrity, and is more conducive to a balanced lifestyle. With the demands of today’s modern society, we rarely take the opportunity for time out and become stuck in a cycle, too exhausted to carry on, yet too busy to change an unfulfilling situation. Online counselling is a bridge between a busy lifestyle and need for change

My aim is to provide convenient counselling that can be easily and effortlessly scheduled into a busy lifestyle. Through the convenience  of modern communication, I offer sessions which make it more convenient to take time-out for therapy. Easily scheduled into an already busy lifestyle these sessions are designed to help establish balance. If this resonates with you in any way then book a session now. Give yourself the opportunity to make a change that will allow you the luxury of balance, efficiency and satisfaction as part of a daily experience.





Working as a counsellor is like working as a detective, whilst a client might discuss a challenging life situation, I see it as my job to investigate the origin and help determine the source of the current conflict or suffering. The narrative is typically a manifestation that has taken years to surface.

Many of my clients have continued to work with me due to the fact that we have quickly and easily gained a good rapport. It is not my job to be liked but I find that as soon as we start to understand one another, through a process of active and compassionate communication, respect, and rapport is quickly established.

My educational background includes a Bsc. in Psychology from London Metropolitan University. Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and more than 10 years of experience counselling, as well as suicide prevention with a national charity. 

I am well aware of the diversity of my clients needs and have therefore explored a variety of alternative healing modalities. I am also a Reiki Master, a Thai Massage Therapist, and a certified Yoga Teacher. I’ve hosted retreats and lead courses in Sweden and South East Asia, teaching an integrated approach to self development.

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”I highly recommend Clive, his approach really touched me, he is calm, sensitive, and insightful. Once you meet Clive and experience his teaching you will soon realise that you have found a veritable gold mine.”

Sabrina Marforio Social Worker & Yoga Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

”Clive’s counselling sessions are very powerful. They heavily contributed and possibly saved my relationship”

Rafael Suvaii Business Consultant, Canada

”Thanks for encouraging me to follow my truth on all levels”

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After Losing My Dad, I Set Myself Free. ~ Maree MacLean
Maree MacLean Digital Advertising & Marketing, New Zealand

”Clive immediately struck me as a sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent man with an intriguing perspective on healing”

Lisa Offringa Scientific Researcher, San Francisco

”I found Clive to be a gifted teacher with a strong sense of integrity and deep compassion for others.”…’The knowledge I gained through Clive’s sessions was powerful, and the experience truly memorable. Don’t hesitate. Clive really is a wonderful teacher.” 

Marnie McDonald Communications Consultant, Vientiane, LAOS PDR

”The sessions were amazing, much more than I was expecting and very rewarding. Clive was a great therapist and mentor and had a very gentle and sensitive approach which created a beautifully relaxed and friendly atmosphere right from the start.”

Vasanti Pindoria Business Psychologist, London. UK


The Victim and Drama

One of the main themes that reappears again and again throughout therapy is that of the victim. An archetype that has many faces and is extremely cunning in its manifestation.

After Losing My Dad I Set Myself Free

To say I was a “daddy’s girl” is an understatement. He still referred to me as his baby girl right up until the day he died after losing a brutal six-week battle to primary liver cancer.


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