Marnie –  I found Clive to be a gifted teacher with a strong sense of integrity and deep compassion for others. These are excellent qualities for any therapist to have. I also found Clive to be very knowledgeable about his subject and capable of transmitting that knowledge in an easy to understand fashion, as well as patient enough to answer many questions. The knowledge I gained through Clive’s sessions was powerful, and the experience truly memorable. Don’t hesitate. Clive really is a wonderful teacher.

Vasanti – Whilst I was in Chiang Mai I took a course with Clive. The sessions were amazing, much more than I was expecting and very rewarding. Clive was a great therapist and mentor and had a very gentle and sensitive approach which created a beautifully relaxed and friendly atmosphere right from the start. I learnt more than I expected and gained confidence in my abilities, and nearly 3 years on, I still practice what i learnt regularly, it has added so much positivity to my life and I thank Clive for being a brilliant teacher.

Lisa – I met Clive in Chiang Mai, Thailand through a friend. I found out about his practice and immediately booked a session. Clive initially struck me as a sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent man with an intriguing perspective on healing. He is trained in psychotherapy, but incorporates healing into his sessions. Clive came into my life at an opportune time for me to dive into the healing process. I started one-on-one healing sessions with Clive. Sessions would begin with a discussion of my issues, and events in my past that were at their foundation. Clive knew exactly what questions to ask to get at the core of the issue. He also let me express myself in a flowing way, then sum up my thoughts succinctly and clearly. This summary would be the basis of our sessions.

Following a session, I would have great clarity for the next few days, and energetically feel like I was prepared for what was going on in my world. I experienced positive change in my personal relationships, and in my work. Many of the issues I came to Clive to address shifted in their effect on my life. Without going into personal details, I can say that my time with Clive had a profound influence on my inner self and how I am able to function in the world. After a number of sessions with Clive, I took his course to continue my healing process whilst taking more responsibility for it by understanding the technique that was behind the changes in my life.